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Katy Child Care Tips: Toys for Brain Development

Posted on 08-28-2014


While there are plenty of toys out there for your child, there are some that benefit your child’s brain development more than others.

  • Building blocks: Blocks aid your child in refining motor skills, and teach spatial reasoning skills. Building and knocking down structures assists in developing the knowledge of cause and effect. While utilizing blocks to create patterns, a child begins to learn problem solving skills.
  • Puzzles: A toddler will be able to start enjoying playtime with simple puzzles. This helps stimulate memory development, motor skills, problem solving, and encourages focus.
  • Storybooks: Filled with pictures, words and textures, books are entertaining and exciting on a number of levels. Encourage your child to engage with the story, stimulating language skills and cognitive development. There are even storybooks for bath time that are waterproof, so your child can take them anywhere.

At the Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Franz Road we provide your child with an ideal environment as well as a variety of activities and educational toys to help boost brain development, and prepare him or her for future academic success.

Your child's brain development and education begins early and is focused between birth and five years old. Our Brain Waves™ Curriculum provides a variety of activities and programs to aid in brain development. It will be extremely beneficial to take advantage of this critical period to enhance the development of your child’s mental potential.

Here are a few benefits of our advanced learning approach:

Our learning programs along with the love and support of our qualified staff will ensure that your child has the perfect environment to uncover new talents and refine skills. We make use of a wide variety of educational toys, games and other activities to allow your child to improve problem-solving abilities, and thrive in our rich educational environment.

For more information about our Learning Academy or the benefits of our specialized curriculum, contact us today.

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