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Katy TX Day care: Early music lessons boost brain development

Posted on 01-26-2015


During a child’s early years, the most significant brain development takes place. At this stage it is vital for a child to begin learning the daily aspects of life. The neurons in your child’s brain are working diligently to create pathways. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Franz Road in Katy, Texas understands the importance of learning many new concepts during this stage. Your child will experience an abundance of mental growth that can be increased immensely by learning a musical instrument. Join us as we explore the benefit of early musical lessons that will encourage exceptional brain development in your child.

The motor region effect

It has been shown that learning to play a musical instrument can have a superb effect on brain development and motor skills. Motor skills are responsible for movement and the ability to carry them out. This includes hand-eye coordination and other aspects of movement. Even though a child may not enjoy the tedious nature of learning a musical instrument, the fact remains that it has a significant effect on brain development. There are ways in which this can be made into fun and learning by using it as a bonding experience, for both you and your child.

Enhancing the motor skills can definitely augment the way in which a child learns other skills during day care, the preschool years and beyond. These skills are important and will stay with a child throughout life. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Franz Road understands the many complicated aspects of specialized child care. We know how to ensure your child’s peak brain development and administer this through our AdvancED™ accredited program. Contact us to enroll your child in our Learning Academy or to find out more about our exclusive brain development program.

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