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Kids 'R' Kids Franz Road: The reasons why your child pushes the limits

Posted on 01-08-2015

katy_tx_child_careAs a parent, we understand that giving your child the best childcare is of utmost importance to you. During the preschool period, your child might begin to exhibit a behavioral pattern which he or she has not done before. There are many reasons for your child’s behavior to change in potentially concerning ways. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Franz Road, in Katy, Texas is here to assist you in any way possible with inappropriate behavior exhibited by your child.

Incorrect boundaries

It is often found that when a child begins to misbehave away from home and parents, it is because the child has not yet learned proper boundaries. This could be anything from the child being allowed to eat anything, to more complex boundaries. The best way to overcome this type of limit pushing in a preschooler is via a rewards system. Setting boundaries can be problematic, but offering your child incentives for fulfilling certain boundaries and maintaining them is a great teaching tool. Of course, it is essential to offer reasonable rewards. There also needs to be some form of consequence, if the boundaries are not adhered to. Your child should clearly understand the reward/consequence system, and it must be consistent.

Home life

Sometimes when a child shows signs of misbehavior in a preschool environment, it could be due to a situation in the home environment. An unstable home environment, major changes, or conflict in the home can generate improper behavior. A child can become confused or upset, and without the adequate communication skills to express their emotions they will often mimic what goes on at home. This can create an angry and unruly preschooler. A calm household is the best household for your child and the child care he or she requires.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Franz Road in Katy understands childcare and early education, and we have all the information ready for you. Contact us today to find out the real reasons behind your child’s challenging behaviors, or to enroll your child in the best preschool educational program.

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